Giving Voice to Vision.

At FNDR we help founders build the narratives for some of the most transformative companies of our time. Having previously worked with the founders of Apple and Airbnb, we built FNDR to work directly with the next generation of growth founders: Snap, Patreon, Titan, Sorare, GoodRx, Scale AI, Brex, Airtable, Farfetch and more.

The best way to understand FNDR is to hear what our founders say about working with us:

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Who We Are

Working directly with Founders and their teams, we provoke conversations to unlock their genius. We provide an Intentional Narrative that creates a lasting impact for their businesses
Nick, Bekah, James, and Stephen - founders of FNDR

What We Do

Today’s founders need new kinds of partners and new ways of working. We work founder-to-founder, as peers, because we believe that’s how the right decisions get made. Our process is designed to unlock the genius of founders to create an intentional Narrative for their entire business, that will help them be meaningful in culture and therefore sustainable in their business.


Graph going up with the text "You are here" at the 0 x and y coordinate
Building businesses that culture deserves.


Graph going up with text at the 0 x and y coordinates that says "What got you here" and then text at the highest x and y coordinate that says "Won't get you here"
Crossing the chasm from niche to scale.


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Bringing new life to mature businesses.

We bring process and experience to the table to help founders who are in one of three phases of their evolution: Creation, Growth or Renewal. Together, we invent a meaningful way from here to there.